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Science Fiction & Fantasy Discussion Group

Interested in joining? Contact Ruth by email or call (269) 585-8719

This pop-culture group covers books, movies, music and trends, meeting each month to discuss different topics and themes with ties to science fiction and fantasy.

We meet at the library at 7 PM on the second Tuesday of every month September through May. See below for current topics, and check out our events calendar for upcoming themes!

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September 10th

The Force: Star Wars

What is it? How do you feel it and use it? Does everyone have access to it? Is it the basis of a “religion”? Padawans, Jedi, and Sith are all invited to join this discussion.

October 8th

Science Fiction Horror

Movies like The Thing, Alien, and Event Horizon along with books “I Am Legend” – Richard Matheson, “Burning Dark” – Adam Christopher, and “Frankenstein” – Mary Shelley will be discussed.

November 12th


We will explore the works of N. K. Jemisin, Nnedi Okorafor, and Octavia Butler. The discussion will see where Afrofuturism started, where it is now, and how far our society still has to go.

December 10th

4th Annual Trivia Contest

We will be answering questions about all the topics related to Science Fiction, Fantasy, Comics, and Manga. Great prizes will be given to all participants.

January 14th

The Hulk (Bruce Banner)

You won’t like him when he’s angry. Exposed to heavy doses of gamma radiation, scientist Bruce Banner transforms in the mean, green rage machine called the Hulk. Wherever you know him from whether it be TV shows, blockbuster movies, video games, cartoons or comics we will talk about the human struggle between needing civility and just wanting to SMASH!!

February 11th

The Hunks

We present to you the hunks of science fiction and fantasy. What is it about the smoldering looks of Han Solo and the playfulness of Dean Winchester that makes our hearts flutter? Maybe its the brooding of Buffy’s Angel or the nerdiness of the 10th Doctor that turns your head. Whatever it is, come and talk about your favorite male science fiction or fantasy hunk.

March 10th

African Mythology

Dr. Joseph Bangura will be discussing African Folklore/Mythology. Dr. Bangura is Chair of the Department of History and Director of the African Studies Program at Kalamazoo College. He has years of experience and research relating to the rich history of Africa, including a stint as a Lecturer in History at Milton Margai College of Education in Sierra Leone, West Africa. Sponsored by the PDL Science Fiction and Fantasy Discussion Group.

April 9th

Elemental Magic

Elemental magic is a school, or generally a group of schools, of magic that deals with the traditional elements -or sometimes less traditional ones. These elements may be believed to be the irreducible basis of all matter, the cornerstones of all magic, or perhaps merely associated with mystical outside forces such as Elementals. However, where Elemental Magic is more than a mere ad-hoc grouping, they are always significant in some way. Which element would you like to control?

May 14th

6th Annual Summer Movie Preview

Watch previews of upcoming movies and discuss which look good and which will be stinkers. Everyone who attends will receive a Summer Movie Guide that lists all the summer movies, not just SF/Fantasy.

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