Science Fiction & Fantasy Discussion Group

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This pop-culture group covers books, movies, music and trends, meeting each month to discuss different topics and themes with ties to science fiction and fantasy.

We meet at the library at 7 PM on the first Monday of every month September through May. See below for previous topics, and check out our events calendar for upcoming themes!

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Costuming and Makeup: Timid Rabbit Style

September 11th

Tony from Timid Rabbit will come in and discuss how to pull a costume together and applying the correct makeup. If you want to do Halloween right, don’t miss this discussion.

Blade Runner: How It Relates To Our Lives

October 2nd

The many themes that run through “Blade Runner” or “Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep?” by Philip K Dick are very topical for our lives today. How do we deal with Paranoia? What are the female stereotypes and do we still have these today? Join the discussion and have your opinion heard.

Formidable Aliens

November 6th

Do you remember seeing or reading about that one group of aliens and thinking, “We’re in trouble now”? Everyone will be discussing that one group of aliens that either scared the living daylights out of us or were so totally awesome we will never forget it.

2nd Annual Trivia Contest

December 4th

We will be answering questions about all the topics related to Science Fiction, Fantasy, Comics, and Manga. Great prizes will be given to all participants.

Mid-Year TV Watch List

January 8th

We will discuss what we have been watching in the fall and what we loved. We will also preview what is coming in the new season.

Time Travel Methods

February 5th

We will be discussing all things Time Travel. What would be your preferred method?

Norse Mythology

March 5th

The experts at Norseman of Michigan Living History Society will be here to discuss Norse culture and mythology. Mythology of all kinds influence fantasy writers. What gods and creatures are in Norse mythology? Learn what Valhalla really is. Ever heard of Yggdrasil? After coming tonight, you will.

Han Solo

April 2nd

With “Han Solo: A Star Wars Story” being released on May 25th, we thought we should bone up on our knowledge of Han Solo. We will be discussing the non-canon Han Solo Trilogy, written by A. C. Crispin, along with in-canon material. Maybe at the end we will understand why Han is such a scoundrel.

4th Annual Summer Movie Preview

May 7th

We will be watching previews of the upcoming movies and discussing which look good and which will be stinkers. Everyone who attends will receive a Summer Movie Guide that lists all the summer movies, not just SF/Fantasy.

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