Summarizing Current Issues: Gun Violence

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You will want to look on the left, for special reports in the news. This website is a nonpartisan, 501©(3) nonprofit public charity whose mission is promoting critical thinking, education, and informed citizenship by presenting controversial issues in a straightforward, nonpartisan, primarily pro-con format. It has won several prizes, including Pulitzers, and On May 30, 2012, the Library of Congress (LOC) announced that it was going to archive for having “materials of historical importance to the Congress and the American people to foster education and scholarship.” PolitiFact is a project of the Tampa Bay Times and its partners to help you find the truth in politics.Every day, reporters and researchers from PolitiFact and its partner news organization examine statements by members of Congress, state legislators, governors, mayors, the president, cabinet secretaries, lobbyists, people who testify before Congress and anyone else who speaks up in American politics. They research their statements and then rate the accuracy on the Truth-O-Meter – True, Mostly True, Half True, Mostly False and False. The most ridiculous falsehoods get the lowest rating, Pants on Fire.

Enough : Our Fight to keep America Safe from Gun Violence
Giffords, Gabrielle D.
Call Number 363.309 GI Adult Nonfiction

Control : Exposing the Truth about Guns
Beck, Glenn.
Call Number 363.3309 BE Adult Nonfiction

Future of the Gun
Miniter, Frank.
Call Number 363.33 MI New Nonfiction

How Can School Violence be Prevented?
Barbour, Scott.
Call Number 371.7 HO Youth Nonfiction

Living with Guns : a Liberal’s Case for the Second Amendment
Whitney, Craig R.
Call Number 323.43 WH Adult Nonfiction

The Second Amendment: a Biography
Waldman, Michael.
Call Number 344.7305 WA New Nonfiction

Guns in American Society: an Encyclopedia of History, Politics, Culture, and the Law Carter, Gregg Lee.
Call Number 363.3309 GU Adult Nonfiction

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