LifeLong YOU: Lectures and Classes on DVD and CD

Who stops learning? Really. But some of us have ambitions—to understand astronomy, speak Italian, or play bass guitar. The Portage District Library wants to be your partner in this endeavor. One way that we do this is via providing databases, both those that we purchase and those provided by the Library of Michigan, on a variety of topics. If you have ambitions to learn about Physics, Buddhism, or Opera, we can connect you!

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Videos: The Great Courses

Argumentation. The Study Of Effective Reasoning
The Art Of Critical Decision Making
Biology And Human Behavior. The Neurological Origins Of Individuality
A Brief History Of The World
Change And Motion. Calculus Made Clear
Classical Mythology
Concert Masterworks
Dark Matter, Dark Energy: The Dark Side Of The Universe
The Ethics Of Aristotle
The Everyday Gourmet Rediscovering The Lost Art Of Cooking
Famous Greeks
Famous Romans
From Monet To Van Gogh
From Yao To Mao. 5000 Years Of Chinese History
Fundamentals Of Photography
God And Mankind Comparative Religions
The Golf Handbook: The Complete Guide To The Greatest Game
Great Authors Of The Western Literary Tradition
Great Authors Of The Western Literary Tradition , Modern Literature.
Great Figures Of The New Testament
The Great Ideas Of Philosophy
Great World Religions Christianity
Great World Religions Hinduism
Great World Religions Islam
Great World Religions Judaism
The History Of Ancient Egypt
The History Of The Bible: The Making Of The New Testament Canon
A History Of Hitler’s Empire
The History Of The United States How To Listen To And Understand Great Music
How To Listen To And Understand Opera
How To Listen To Great Music
The Human Body. How We Fail, How We Heal
Introduction To Judaism
Jewish Intellectual History
Joy Of Mathematics
Joy Of Science
The Life & Work Of Mark Twain
Luther: Gospel, Law, And Reformation
Masters Of Greek Thought
Meaning From Data: Statistics Made Clear
Modern Economic Issues
Museum Masterpieces: The Metropolitan Museum Of Art
My Favorite Universe
The Nature Of Earth: An Introduction To Geology
Origins Of Life
Religion In The Ancient Mediterranean
Shakespeare, The Word And The Action
The Story Of The Bible
The Theory Of Evolution: A History Of Controversy
Understanding Investments
Understanding Literature And Life
Understanding The Brain
Understanding The Human Body
What Are The Chances? Probability Made Clear
World Atlas Of Golf: The Great Courses And How They Are Played.
World War I, The “Great War”
World War II. A Military And Social History

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