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What is Homebound?

The Portage District Library loans a wide variety of print and non-print materials including books, large print books, audio books, music CDs, movies or magazines to those who qualify for this service. Members can request specific titles and authors, or indicate reading interests and we will have their order ready at the Checkout Desk for pick-up. For those in care facilities, we can work with a representative from the facility to arrange for pick-up.

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Who can participate?

All participants in the Homebound Service must be residents of the Portage Library District or purchase a non-resident membership. They also must complete an Application for Homebound Services form and return it to the library. The Homebound Service Coordinator will contact applicants after their completed form has been received to obtain additional information, if necessary, and to set up the first pickup date.

Participants will be listed as a Portage District Library Homebound borrower, if they already have a membership, that membership will be switched to a “Homebound” type.

How does it work?

  • Staff will generally select materials for each patron by using the information supplied on the Homebound Service Application. Special requests for specific titles held by the Portage District Library may be requested.
  • Homebound patrons may call to have staff select materials that will be placed in a special bag that will be used by the designated contact person to pick up and return borrowed material. (Note the bag and its contents are property of the library)
  • Titles not available at the time of request will be placed on reserve and the Homebound patron’s designated contact person may pick them up from the reserve shelf or Checkout Desk using the Homebound patron’s card.
  • We will keep a record of your reading preferences and items delivered to you. This record is confidential and is only used to select items you will enjoy. We respect your preferences regarding content such as explicit sex, rough language or violence, but no censorship will be exercised when selecting items.
  • Homebound Service members will designate a contact person who will act as the emissary between the library and themselves. This emissary will pick up and check out reserved and interloaned materials using the Homebound patron’s library card.

Loan Periods, Renewals, and Returns

  • Loan periods for materials are the same as for other users.
  • Renewals will be allowed for Portage items that are not on hold for someone else and are not from new collections. Renewals will be allowed on books borrowed from other libraries through MeL in accordance with MeL Policy.
  • Overdue fines are not charged for materials loaned under this Service except for Hot Pick items. Because program participants are responsible for items checked out on their card, please do not lend library books and audiovisual items to others. Participants will be charged the replacement cost for all materials that are lost and/or damaged while in their care. Library materials are considered lost when they are 90 days overdue. Repeated loss or damage to library items will result in cancellation of your service.
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