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Library Card

If you reside in or own property or a business in our library district, you qualify for a free Portage District Library membership card! You’re also eligible for a limited membership card if you live in another library district that has arranged for reciprocal access with Portage District Library. For all others, we offer free computer access cards or you may purchase an annual non-resident card to have member privileges. A discounted rate is offered to those who are over 62 years of age that would like to purchase a non-resident membership. Please check our fee schedule for current rates.

Getting a Card

Who qualifies for a Portage District Library Card?

1.) The Portage Library District is comprised of all property within the City of Portage and the portion of Texas Township and Pavilion Township that is in the Portage School District. You qualify for a Portage District Library Card by living in or owning property or a business within those district boundaries. If you are unsure whether or not you qualify, you can check your property address using an online tool available through Kalamazoo County. Most apartment complexes, condominiums, and trailer parks are not listed. You can always contact the Checkout Desk of the Library for clarification.

2.) Additionally, you can qualify for a free Portage District Library card if you live in a library district that has arranged for reciprocal, or shared, access with the Portage District Library. We have agreements with most libraries in Kalamazoo County. For more information about the libraries that qualify for reciprocal borrowing privileges, click on the link to the left.

3.) We also offer a free computer access card to any other individuals visiting the library. For the ability to checkout library materials as a non-resident of our district, you may purchase an annual membership card. Those non-residents who are 62 years of age or older may purchase a senior non-resident membership at a discount of 50%. Please check our fee schedule for current rates.

What do I need to get registered?

Once you have determined what type of membership you are getting you need to show one of the following pieces of identification:

  • Valid driver’s license with current address
  • Valid voter’s registration card with current address
  • Current Portage School ID (for students only)
  • Property tax receipt (for owner of property only)
  • Valid government issued ID

Additional information may be necessary, depending on the type of membership you seek:

  • Reciprocal memberships require a resident membership card from one’s home library to be shown before a reciprocal membership can be established.
  • Businesses in Portage may be required to present other documentation, especially if the owner is not making a direct application for membership.
  • Minors may need a parent’s permission.

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